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Personal Researcher®

Personal Researcher®” as an alternative to full circle recruiting process.

Many companies during crisis try to minimize their personnel costs across the board and recruitment costs in particular.

The current situation with recruitment in Ukraine could be defined by two features: firstly, the supply of candidates succeeds demand, but nevertheless there still remains a need to find rare personnel.  Secondly, there is a very big pool of candidates of different level on the market therefore internal recruiters have to spend a lot of time on selection process. 

How could internal HR specialists justify their own existence when HR budgets are cut considerably?


Is there a solution that would allow companies save HR budgets while outsourcing recruitment headache to external professionals?


Recruiting company Brain Source International offers this kind of solution with its new service called Personal Researcher® (registered trade mark).


Personal Researcher® will be hired by a client to accomplish “Job market research and short-listing of potential candidates” using all kinds of sources such as Internet, media and their own network of contacts. 


After several days the client will receive the report with a shot list of potential candidates with relevant information including direct contacts. Upon client request the candidates could be preliminarily approached by BSI consultants to find out candidates initial interest in new job opportunities. Further contacting, interviewing and deal closing will be carried out by clients’ internal HR specialists.

 The service Personal Researcher®saves time for initial market data collection.  At the same time the cost of this service is considerably lower than using the full cycle recruiting service.  Besides the client will have the chance to sell the job directly to the candidate. 


Why Brain Source International?

Today Brain Source International is the biggest recruiting company in Ukraine.

The call of BSI consultant to potential candidate is always regarded good news by the latter.

BSI brand guarantees the candidates that job offerings will be of highest level from best employers.

BSI structure reflects main steps in recruitment process.  Our consultants are trained to use all kinds of search methods including direct search. 

Being on the market for almost 10 years BSI consultants have developed a large network of business contacts. 

BSI consultants specialize in different markets.  That is why they can research the market much faster and thoroughly than generalist recruiters.

For rates, please, contact Tatiana Shulga at
+ 380 44 390 50 10
+38 067 509 18 12




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