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Outstaffing services in Ukraine

Brain Source International also provides outstaffing services or the "withdrawal" of an employee as a staff unit outside the customer company with further management by the executing company.

Due to the fact that today a large number of foreign companies are entering the Ukrainian market, which place their production capacities on the territory of our country, the topic of outstaffing is popular as never before. Also outstaffing is relevant for those employers who are forced to dramatically expand the staff in a certain season, for example, they are warehouse workers or promoters for large FMCG trading companies, agrarian and pharmaceutical companies for the period of promotion or seasonal work. In such "burning" months, the staff of temporary employees can increase by 100 - 200 people, whose official registration a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

Outstaffing services are also used by those companies that do not have the financial opportunity to officially expand their staff or management consciously do not want to do so for a number of reasons, and when the planned allowable staff is already fully staffed and the need for employees arises.

It is noteworthy that employees in outstaffing do not feel at all strangled, because they use the same bonuses as the "official" part of the team: insurance, food, compensation, benefits, material assistance, etc.

Among the advantages of outstaffing:

1. Minimizing the costs of personnel administration.

Owing to outstaffing the employer can significantly reduce the direct costs for one employee, including social insurance, cash compensation, benefits, mandatory contributions and payments, which in general is a considerable percentage of the company's profits, and to minimize indirect costs in the form of a reduction in the number of accountants, personnel, lawyers , Labor protection.

2. Removing legal responsibility for personnel

The customer company insures itself against additional risks that may arise from premature termination of contractual relations with a hired employee, as now the outstaffing company is responsible for them. Plus, the employer resigns from the obligations provided by the code of labor laws.

3. Additional staff motivation

Employees who are contracted for outstaffing are usually very well motivated, because with their effective work they can always get a job offer from the employer and become full members of the team of a large company with a good reputation in the market.

4. Increase the company's profit per one full-time employee.

With the withdrawal of some employees for the staff, the employer reduces staffing costs, thereby increasing the overall financial profit, which positively affects its financial status.

Our outstaffing services will include a full assessment of the company's existing financial performance, including staff costs, as well as an analysis of the performance of the existing staff. After our outstaffing specialists gather a full case of information on the position for which you need a temporary employee, and the terms will be stipulated - we begin to search for a candidate who meets all necessary requirements. Given the human compatibility factor, if the first candidate is not suitable - we are committed to offer two more options for replacement.

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